Good egg by name, good egg by nature

“It’s a seven day a week job. You’ve got to be prepared to work all hours. They’re like an extension of your family” our organic egg man Andrew tells us (with a hint of a yawn). If you’ve ever been woken up by a cockerel crowing at the break of dawn, you might be able to appreciate how rare a lie in is in his line of work.


A good egg these days is hard to find

His lively clutch of Lohmann Brown chooks peck around quite the thing under the shade of sunflowers down on Haresfield Farm. Ours is a partnership that’s been 13 years in the making, so when we heard the news that he’d been awarded the coveted Compassion in World Farming, Good Egg Award, it seemed only right to come and congratulate him in person. It’s a distinction he’s earned for his dedication to producing exceptional food without ever compromising on the welfare of his animals, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I learned about conventional egg farming and I just wasn’t keen on the methods they use. For me, organic was the way forward. This smaller way of farming is all I know."

From city slicker to organic farmer 

Growing up in London, far from where the things that ended up on his plate where made, producing his own food became important to him. From a young age he had always felt drawn to farming, and after university the time came to make the dream a reality. He bought an idyllic little patch of Wiltshire countryside to call his own, a caravan to call his home and his first flock of laying hens to get him started. It’s been no walk in the park, but he now looks after a bustling brood of 28,000 birds, responsible for around 14,000 dozen eggs a week.

  Truly special eggs   
When we asked him what makes his eggs so special, Andrew was unequivocal:

“Our birds are nice and relaxed. They’re out ranging all the time, eating good organic food. All the ingredients you need for a great egg really.”

It’s hard to argue with him. Each one has the richest, most yellowest yolk you ever did see. That’s exactly what makes them perfect for poaching on those long, lazy weekend brunches. Our man Andrew Jackson is waking up early so you don’t have to, after all. Find Andrew's organic eggs in our shop just here


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