100% plastic free tea

100% plastic free tea bags, say when!

It was a big surprise to many that certain tea bags contain plastic. There’s been a big hoo hah (and rightly so) over the use of plastic packaging recently (read more about how we do our bit to reduce the plastic packaging in our deliveries here). We’re chuffed to bits. Now, here’s the short read to set your hearts at rest: our tea bags are 100% plastic free. To find out a bit more, read on.


  So if they’re not plastic. What are the bags made of? 

Here’s the T (the truth) about our tea bags. The material that they are made with is called “SoilOn”. “What’s that?” You there, in the back row, we hear you. SoilOn is a corn-starch which incorporates biomass material (polylactic acid) originating from plants. And, the best bit is that’s biodegradable and certified by The Soil Association through EU organic regulation. They’re also glue free as they’re sealed together with heat. Clever, that.  

Okay, they’re biodegradable – yippee.  How do they break down?

The speed of degradation varies largely depending on the temperature, moisture and PH level of the soil as well as the types and number of microorganisms present. On average, “SoilOn” structurally breaks down between two and four years when in soil or water.

 Even tea bags need somewhere to live,  
 what about the pouch? 

We’ve worked really hard on minimising the outer packaging whilst looking after the quality of the tea inside. The pouch we use is composed of paper and biodegradable PE and is oxo-biodegradable.

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