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Mango, Organic

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Organic Vegan
A popular tropical fruit that can be eaten whole and remains green even when ripe. Famously used in Indian chuntneys but chutney is traditionally made with unripe mangoes so we suggest adding limes too. Eat when the flesh is slightly squishy when pressed.

Country of Origin - Brazil
Class - Minimum Class 2
Variety: Kent
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These Brazilian beauties come by way of Pierre Landolt and his bio-dynamic farm in Fazenda Tamandua, in the northeast of Brazil. It’s a bit of a wildlife sanctuary, with amazing things like anteaters, deer and wild cats roaming around, and while there’s plenty of sun shining down on his mangoes, it’s ensuring the mangoes have something to drink that’s the challenge, as the region is hit with periodical droughts. This has made Pierre think outside the box (the kind of thinking we love): he’s devised a drip irrigation system that collects the precious rain water in three interconnected reservoirs, and this is what he uses to make sure the 30 hectares of Tommy Atkins and Keitt mango trees never go thirsty. Brilliant.

Storage & prep

To eat mango on its own or in a fruit salad, peel it, and then you can slice off long strips, avoiding the large stone in the middle. Mango can also be used a lot in savoury dishes, to add some sweetness. To speed up the ripening of your mangoes, keep them at room temperature. To delay their ripening, until you want to use them, keep them in your fridge. If you are using your mango bit by bit, make sure that it is covered in plastic.

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